Larissa McLean is a mixed media artist. She has a BFA in printmaking and holds a current teaching certificate for Alberta and British Columbia. Larissa has been painting for over 20 years and is knowledgeable in mixed-media and fluid acrylics.

Her visions in fluid acrylics and watercolour are of nature: images warm and inviting, to mysterious and distant, each a distillation of recent experiences imbued with the energy of her own feelings at the moment. Some paintings take multiple sessions spanning weeks, while others are created in just a few hours.

I will also be involved with the 4th annual  Fungus Festival this September 28 – 30 in Cumberland BC and am working on some little mushroom paintings! I also have 6 new cards added to my set available, at Anderton Nurseries, 5th St. Florist, Passionstems Studio and ARTWRX Studio Gallery.

I’m continuing to work on my square foot paintings for the 13th annual Square Foot Show at ARTWRX Studio Gallery and am preparing to submit work for a printmaking exchange. I am also excited to announce that we will be opening up the space I live in to Artist Retreats in the Summer of 2024! A little daunting but it’s time I come into my own power and encourage others in their expression and creativity. Printmaking, journaling, trees and connection to your self, art and the earth. More will be posted on the website and Instagram in the late spring.

I will be offering classes at my studio, Passionstems at the Mill starting in September. Monday mornings are individual one-on-one students, afternoon I have a FULL 5-7yr class and Wed mornings I will be posting on the website and have a few spots left for the 8-12yr spot in the afternoon from 1-3. Sessions are 6 weeks with a multitude of mediums such as printmaking, painting and sculpture. I teach most Fridays at The Crowsnest Collective in Campbell River, adults and children please go to their website for details of my classes Some of the projects are watercolor trees and sugar skulls for Halloween!

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