Art is my soul cry. When I show up to the page, She speaks. No ideas or plans. Monkey mind scrambles for my attention, and I wait to hear the quiet voice underneath.I believe inside all of us is a creative voice that wants to be heard. Sometimes she whispers, sometimes she roars. I have wrestled with this voice for a longtime. Tried to shut her out, silence her in an effort to be safe. But she’s a wild one and will not be tamed.I bring to my art a deep reverence for the Earth. Nature is my greatest teacher. When I’m overwhelmed she brings me back to my feet. Rock, bones, roots, solid ground. She reminds me I am a small part in an enormous living, breathing web of Life. And I too have a role to play, a voice to share. Drawing is my foundation. Charcoal or graphite on paper. Such freedom in simplicity. I work in various mediums from drawing to sculpture, installation to poetry and dance. My art serves to re-weave the threads of connection between our human selves and the natural world.