Thank you, you’re almost there!

Everything you need will be provided, including an apron, but please wear old clothes without dangling sleeves because paint has a tendency to jump off the palette and onto your favorite things!
If you would like to come a bit early (5:45 pm) that would be great. The studio space is interesting and you may want some time to look around, hang up your coat and enjoy a light refreshment.
Your instructor will be in touch either by phone or email prior to your class with payment details and options.
Happy Painting!
Please note payment for classes is required in advance to secure your place.
Cancellation fees apply, 50% refund if cancelling within 7 days of class date.



362C 10th St Courtenay BC
(above United Carpets)

250 218 2742

Studio Open Hours: Saturdays 11 – 4 pm
By appointment or whenever the door is open, come on up and be inspired.

*stair access only

Art Alchemy